New Mills Art Theatre

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Planning permission Accepted - HPK/2020/0213

During Covid, the Directors took the opportunity to apply for planning permission to extend the first floor bar area, and provide a much-needed facility for pre-performance/ interval drinks and to ensure the ongoing viability and longevity for future generations.

As part of our recent Annual General Meeting, we discussed the proposal and the suggested £150K required to introduce a distinctive 21st century addition to the building.  Furthermore, whilst the theatre is not within the Conservation Area, the proposal will preserve and enhance this area.

The key historic components of the buildings interest will be preserved and the extension does not attempt to mimic/pastiche and potentially devalue the heritage.  Instead it is an insertion that shows the historical progression of the building.

In accordance with the NPPF, any residual harm arising would be weighed against the benefits of the development, which in this case are considered to comprise both the heritage benefit of retaining the building in its intended use and the public benefits offered by the proposal ensuring the viability of that use, all to the benefit of the area and community.

We will continue to keep you updated on its progress.  Just need to find the £150,000 to pay for it!  Know any millionaires?  Any lottery winners out there?