New Mills Art Theatre

Sleeping beauty 2023

OPENING NIGHT - 03.02.2023

We’re so excited!!
Have you got your tickets yet for Sleeping Beauty?

It’s Panto time again and we’re back with another well-known, classic pantomime tale. This exciting production will bring laughter, dancing and singing, together with some unusual comedy routines, plenty of adventure, variety and traditional panto fun!

Set in the village of Muddleby on Marsh, this classic fairytale tells the story of Princess Rose, cursed to sleep for 100 years by an evil witch. King Cactus and Queen Marigold try hard to protect their daughter from the curse but to no avail. 

With the help of the Good Fairy and Prince Alexis, along with all the other palace helpers, watch how the story unfolds and Sleep. Full of exciting musical numbers and beautiful costumes, this is a pantomime not to be missed.

We’re so lucky to have such a wonderful photographer Mike Petch