New Mills Art Theatre

Monday Nighters

Our Skills Are Many And Enthusiasm Plenty

A group of volunteers meet every Monday night at the theatre at 7.30pm, in the theatre to undertake any jobs that we feel can help save the Theatre money. Our skills are many and enthusiasm plenty.

This group help design, build, install, paint, and tear down sets. While it is helpful for volunteers in this area to have some comfort using power tools or a paint brush, we’re happy to provide on-the-job training. Jobs could include making closers for doors that will form part of the Cinderella set, replacement of a wheel on Cinderella’s coach and then on to create a system for holding the clock’s hour hand in place from the back.

All Monday nights are worthwhile, because even when there’s no set to be built, there’s always something to be fixed or a wall to be painted. We’re particularly looking for set-builders – any joiners/carpenters who can help assemble and finish stage sets for productions.

This amazingly unique building is over 100 years old, and as such there is always a bit of maintenance needed here and there, from water ingress damage found in the foyer to renewing fire escapes.

So, if you could lend an hour or two, then call in on any Monday between 8pm and 9.30pm and we’ll welcome you and not hesitate to find you something to muck in with!